About Watch the Skies

"Watch the Skies" is a large-scale megagame that simulates a global crisis caused by the arrival of extra terrestrial beings on Earth.

The game involves multiple rounds of play and requires participants to take on the roles of nations, organizations, and factions, each with its own objectives, resources, and abilities. Through a mix of tabletop-style gaming and live-action roleplaying, players negotiate alliances, engage in conflicts, and work to achieve their goals while facing unexpected challenges and events presented by a team of game masters. With a full day of gameplay, "Watch the Skies" is a thrilling and immersive experience that tests strategic thinking, creativity, and teamwork.

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"300 people controlling 30 countries six alien factions five private corporations three media outlets and the Pope."


The team from SU&SD joined the UK Society of Megagame Makers to save the world from aliens in a huge 300 person game of “Watch the Skies”. You can see our floundering, corruption and “charm offensives” as the nation of Japan in this video. This year the Society invited us back for the sequel. With over three hundred players, this would be the most mega megagame ever staged. A game so big that the Pope was not only a player, he had his own team.

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International relations, conflict and high level diplomacy... and mysterious and threatening aliens from outer space!