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This is a megagame about international relations, conflict and high level diplomacy.

It also involves mysterious and threatening aliens from outer space.

The basic premise is that unknown aliens are increasingly visiting earth to abduct, investigate, terrorise and ultimately to subvert and take over or perhaps render earth weak enough to invade.

The main part of the game is about how humanity as a collection of political entities decides to react to this.

“At least you don't see them f*cking each other over for a percentage...” - Ripley

Game play is in part about humanity gaining technological knowledge by shooting down alien craft and/or capturing aliens alive or dead and key items of their technology. That knowledge can be used to improve the economy (selling alien tech to corporations), develop improved countermeasures to the alien threat or to upgrade national defence.

Additionally, no human nation is precluded from taking the view that its better to be on the winning side from the start, and to be welcoming their new Reticulan masters.

Game Play
The main element of game play will be the different national contingents attempting to coordinate their responses whilst at the same time meeting national objectives.

This will involve high level diplomacy.

Earth remains a politically complicated place, and at the same time as responding to the obvious threat of aliens, human governments will have the full range of human on human political rivalries, conflicts and crisis - none of which can be safely ignored.

And the Aliens will be getting up to the usual unspeakably devious and alien activities. Abductions, probes, infiltration, cattle mutilation and terror raids cannot be ruled out.

Humans get to upgrade their capabilities or economies by researching captured alien equipment and personnel and thereby gaining knowledge. These can be shared or held – depending on how much the human players cooperate. Humans also have to decide how to use their resources to build better bases, upgrade existing weapons and so on. And who knows - maybe bring the war to the enemy?

The game will be on quarterly turns so decision-making will be strategic - primarily about resource allocation, doctrine, policy making and, of course, diplomacy.