The efforts of humanity are in the context of shadowy alien species that have an unhealthy interest in the planet Earth.

Each WTS Megagame has subtle differences in the motivations and structure of the alien team - and of course it is essential that they are essentially an unknown factor in the whole experience.

Much of the game play involves researching, investigating and predicting the motivations and objectives of the aliens.


Playing on the aliens team(s) is a real role playing challenge.

There may be one or more different alien factions - they may be peaceful, manipulative or even aggressive. There remain some common features - their flying saucers are in the skies of earth, with purposes or purposes unknown, and they continue to abduct humans, mutilate livestock and terrorise humanity's cities.- these are not just 'humans in rubber masks' as in so much science fiction - they are alien - with all that this implies.

Consistent role-playing that reflects the alien culture and society will be rewarded.

Merely being random or weird is not enough - we ask our alien players to get under the skin of their alien prototypes.